Salem’s Pot – “Pronounce This”

We as listeners are motivated to achieve a Sabbath in ‘72 level of baked, enjoy the tunes and put our worries on the back burner.

Mountains – “Dust in the Glare”

The wide range of emotions and atmospheres from our previous locales on this musical journey come full circle; thus, bringing our sonic tour through the southern swamp lands of the UK to a fitting close.

Robin Trower – “Bridge of Sighs”

The album as a whole is truly a timeless classic of 70’s fuzz rock, that will very much appeal to the listeners of FuzzFm.

Lee Van Cleef – “Holy Smoke”

Italy’s Lee Van Cleef, with their most recent 5 song LP “Holy Smoke”, is a monstrously heavy, very well produced album of psychedelic bad-assery.

The Obsessed – “Sacred”

Everything anyone have ever loved about this band will be found in massive, chunky quantities here.

Ruff Majik – “The Swan”

Both the album’s artwork (which is fucking beautiful), as well as the song titles appealed to me immediately. From the onset, your instinct is to crank that shit will kick right in.




Album of The Year 2016 — Results!

Album of The Year 2016 — Results!

We decided to let voting for the poll continue for an extra week or 2 just to give a few more people a chance to vote. But the results are in, and they certainly come as no surprise from where I’m standing.