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    Saijun-series of pumps are widely used in the industries of chemical, petrochemical ,find chemical, dyeing chemical,and etc .They can be applied for transferring mediums such as acid, alkali, salt ,oil product. soft drinks ,and etc. With the functions of the anti-corrosion,anti-explosion ,anti-sedimentation, low noise and energy saving,they are suitable for the transportation of the medium and high viscous chemical slurries,as well as high viscous and dense fluid and corrosive liquid.
    This series of pumps are the ideal transferring equipment of rigid foam for the high pressure polyurethane spray perfusion equipment, polyurethane spray perfusion equipment of A&B combination, heat insulation engineering construction of polyurethane, waterproofing and leak Protection construction for the metope, processing of the polyurethane products ,spray perfusion and foaming for the heat insulation,solar energy ,water heater, joint connecting at site for the heat insulated piping ,coating for the cold storage and roof covering ,filling for the crevices.
    Max. Fluid temperature88℃
    Pressure ratio2:1
    Size of air inletZG3/8
    Size of fluid outletZG1/2
    Pressure range of air motor(Mpa)0.2-0.8
    Mac. Output (wide open)(Kg)10
    Max. Ambient temperature50℃Polyurethane Foam Machine Parts