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    Ice Jade Marble is beautiful Marble Slabs from China,and we supply high quality of slabs and Tiles from our own factory.
    China Ice Jade Marble can be used in indoor or outdoor environments; it is widely used in hotels and residential apartments, such as exteriors, pool fountains, monumental structures, a natural stone that gives elegance, sobriety and originality to every project.
    1.Application of Ice Jade marble
    4.Marble Quarry and Block and Factory Processing
    5. Marble inspection what we do
    We inspect Slabs and Tiles piece by piece at the end of production. We pay attention the polishing quality, crack and its repairing quality,Size measurement , Epoxy quality and Bundles and Packing quality.
    We do strong fumigated wooden crates/bundles for export and loading in container with strong fixer.
    6.Package and Delivery
    The Marble and Granite products are fragile and easily broken. During transportation and delivery, they may get damaged or broken. It is important to do strong wooden crate or bundles packing materials and professional packing techniques to ensure safe delivery of items.
    We do strong fumigated wooden crates/bundles for export and loading in container with strong fixer.
    7. Certificate
    Certified management systems,processes and products which ensure the quality of the products you got.
    8. Why Chose Us
    8.How to Maintenance and Clean marble countertop
    We always advocate sealing your marble- without a quality seal it will etch, stain and patina quite easily.
    Some homeowners chose to forego sealing their marble because they enjoy the patina they’ve seen in older marble. We don’t recommend it, but if you fall into this category, just know it will take many years to develop the even patina you’ve seen in those old, stately buildings. If you can’t wait decades to achieve this effect, consider regular sealing and taking special precautions to keep it safe from all liquids and anything acidic (tomatoes, citrus fruit, wine).Marble Slabs And Tiles price