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    Submersible Motor Pump [Q(D)XY 6T]
    1. Product Introduction of the Submersible Motor Pump [Q(D)XY 6T]
    Product Overview
    Well-deserved for the best QDX submersible pump, which are perfect match between technology advantage of low voltage,
    full & high delivery, with graceful appearance by using corrosion resistance materials of imported PPO for basement & cap,S.S body & filter net.Adopts imported PPO (king plastic) on foot, cap, stainless steel barrel, net, etc. corrosion resistance materials.A perfect match between neat and easy appearance , graceful lines & inherent advantages of the low voltage,full delivery,well-deserved for the best pump of both internal and external.Operating Conditions
    1.Clean water,the temperature can not exceed 40℃
    2.Volume of solid impurities in the medium : ≤0.1%,
    Particle size : ≤0.2mm
    3.PH of water : 6.5 ~ 8.5
    4.Frequency : 50Hz, Voltage : single-phase 220V,
    three-phase 380V
    5.Range of voltage fluctuation: ± 10% of the rating
    6.Immersion depth can not more than 5m and can not lower than the height of pump.
    This series of electric pumps are especially suitable for irrigation, garden watering and domestic water use, and can also be used in the construction of water supply and drainage.
    2.Product Parameter(Specification)of the Submersible Motor Pump [Q(D)XY 6T]
    3.Product Feature And Application of the Submersible Motor Pump [Q(D)XY 6T]
    Garden water
    Farmland Irrigation
    Landscape Fountion
    Domestic Water
    Sewage Discharge
    Industrial Water
    4.Production Details of the Submersible Motor Pump [Q(D)XY 6T]
    5.Product Qualification of the Submersible Motor Pump [Q(D)XY 6T]
    6.Starting controller of the Submersible Motor Pump [Q(D)XY 6T]
    Each single phase three wires motor should equip a control box.
    Check that the data on the rating plate corresponds to the rated line values.
    The single-phase versions are supplied as standard with a control box which comprises capacitor, two-phase switch and an amperometer over load cut-out with manual reset.
    Check the electrical equipment installations and control box which should accord with all of the safety rules and the requirements of motor where included the size of fuse or breaker and over-load protector, all of metal pipe and control box connected with the earth wire of power supply to prevent electric shock, should conform to the safety rule of law both of national and regional.
    If the overload cut-out trips, check the cause of the overload before restart again.
    Caution: it is the installer’s responsibility to perform the connections in compliance with the regulation in force in the country of installation.
    Q. What’s the payment can you accept?
    A: Usually we accept T/T ,Western Union or PayPal, MoneyGram, also RMB transfer in China mainland.
    Q. What’s your main products of your company?
    A: We specialized in all kinds of water pump(high efficiency deep well pump, full head submersible pump, high delivery cutting sewage pump)for over 30 years with excellent quality and competitive
    Q.How can I choose the most suitable pump?
    A: Please tell me your detailed flow rate, voltage, application and so on, then I will match the most appropriate pump for you, or you can choose the exact model in the product manual.China Submersible Pump factory