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    Leecheer Company provides 1 to 100 parts sheet metal prototype manufacturing service. Because of small quantity for manufacturing, the technology of sheet metal prototype manufacturing is different with the technology of mass production. The main technologies of sheet metal prototype manufacturing include sheet metal stamping,sheet metal bending ,sheet metal forming, sheet metal lasering , sheet metal welding. After sheet metal prototype has manufactured, we can do electroplating, spraying paints, powder-coating and silk-screening words and patterns on prototype’s surface to its surface to reach the effect you want.
    Sheet Metal Lasering
    Sheet metal lasering uses laser cutting method to cut material according to unfold dimension of sheet metal structural parts.The thickness of raw material is less than 6mm. And thickness of raw SECC material is less than 10 mm.
    Sheet Metal Lasering videoSheet Metal Lasering machine
    Sheet Metal Bending
    Sheet metal bending uses cutters and cutter groove’s angles to bend sheet metal to set angles.The biggest dimension for bending is 3200mm.
    Sheet Metal Bending videoSheet Metal Bending
    Sheet Metal Forming
    In sheet metal process technology , sheet metal forming and sheet metal stamping are the same kind of process technology. Both of them are making simple moulds to form product with irregular curved surface.
    Sheet Metal Forming videoSheet Metal Forming machine
    Sheet Metal Welding
    Sheet metal welding technology has many kinds of welds types, including argon arc welding, spot welding, carbon-dioxide arc welding and manual arc welding.Customers need to note clearly on drawings for any welding requirements.
    Sheet Metal Welding video Sheet Metal WeldingSheet Metal Manufacturing companies