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    Product Content:
    Series of Carbide-Faced Cylindrical Gear Reducers are manufactured in term of national standard of P. R. China (ZBJ 19004-88), including three series, ZDY (single-step), ZLY (double-step), ZSY (three-step). The products can be used for mechanical transmission in metallurgy, mine, transportation, architecture, chemistry, textiling, and energy industries.
    Velocity of high-speed axle n1≦1,500 r/min.
    Actuating temperature ranging from –40 to 50℃, when lower than 0℃, preheat the lubricating oil before operation, please.
    Main features:
    The gears, carbo-percolating quenched with low-carbon alloy steel with high hardness, have face hardness of HRC54~62;
    Gears are grinded with high precision and fine interaction.
    Higher loading capacity, which is more than seven times that of soft-faced reducers.
    Higher transmission efficiency, with 98% for single-step, 96% for double-step and 94% for three-step reducers.
    Long service life.

    Overall Dimension, Assembling Size and Installing Form
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