Ernstsen Haagensen

  • Samsung unveiled its eagerly awaited Galaxy S-7 and Galaxy S7 Edge at its pre-function Sunday night at the Mobile Planet Congress.

    su comentario es aqui Mark Zuckerberg surprised the crowd with the demo
    localizador de moviles latino-america and walked out onto the stage. It’s a world of connectivity, and Samsung upped its sport with…[Read more]

  • Your Samsung GALAXY smart-phone can simply take you to another planet with the Equipment VR. It
    android google play is virtual-reality, anytime, anywhere.

    Even with the curved display viewing angles are just as good as they are in the Galaxy S6 (which is quite great), and it’s very bright, which makes seeing even in direct sun easy. Car…[Read more]

  • When the iPhone first arrived onto the market, no-one could anticipate how greatly popular it was going to be and how it could revolutionize a generation. Actually, not only did it change just how people used their phones, it created a complete new industry – the Smartphone – where
    android localizador de moviles it is the current and…[Read more]

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