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    HY-68 Sunflower Seeds Candy Bar Machine is mainly used to cut Sunflower Seeds Candy, Peanut Candy, Crispy egg cake, Crispy corn cake, Melon Seeds Cake and Crispy Black Rice Cake. This machine is consisted of five parts, such as feeding part, compressing part, cooling part, cutting part and cooling conveyor. HY-68 Sunflower Seeds Candy Machine has the advantages: easy to operation, large production, adjustable cutting size.
    Characteristic of HY-68 Sunflower Seeds Candy Bar Machine:
    1.Frequency conversion, put material, leveling, cutting by one molding.
    2.With multiple leveling structure, pressing flat, thickness uniformity.
    3.Cutting size can be adjusted, to meet your needs of different products.
    4.Automatic cutting, saving time and labor, more economic and convenient.
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