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    Smart Digital Pressure Transmitter for Measure Gas or Liquid Pressure with HART Protocol
    Production Introduction:
    Model: QZP-S3 digital pressure sensor
    Range: -100~0KPa, 0~5KPa….0~500KPa….0~100 MPa
    Accuracy:±0.075%FS, ±0.1%FS, ±0.2%FS

    ◆ Smart type pressure transmitters.
    ◆ Can choose with HART AGREEMENT.
    ◆Have the characteristics of high precision, good stability, long working life and high reliability.
    ◆Small in size, light in weight. easy to installation.
    ◆Pressure connection and Electrical connection are able to chosen by customers.
    ◆Suitable for the high accuracy measuring of gases and liquids.

    Dimensions: (unit: mm)

    Technical Specifications:

    Measuring mediagases or liquids which are compatible to 316L stainless steel
    Measuring range-100~0KPa, 0~5KPa….0~500KPa….0~100MPa
    Pressure typeGauge(G),Absolute(A),Sealed(S)
    Signal output Analog transmitter, mA (2 wires)4~20mA
    transmitter, Vdc (3 wires)0~10V, 1~5V,0~5V,0~20mA
    DigitalCan bi-dinrectionally communication in accordance with HART AGREENMENT
    Combined accuracy%FS±0.075, ±0.1(standard), ±0.2
    Long stability≤±0.2%FS/year
    Power supply Vdc12~36, (24V standard)
    Compensated temp.ºC-10~+60
    Operating temp.ºC-30~+85
    Temperature coefficient of ZERO%FS/10ºC≤±0.1
    Temperature coefficient of SPAN%FS/10ºC≤±0.1
    Insulation resistanceMΩ>500 @ 100Vdc
    Electrical connectionDIN43650,aviation connector,directly lead(selectable)
    Materialstainless steel
    Pressure connectionG1/4, G1/2, M20x1.5,M14x1.5,M12x1,(customized)
    Environment protectionIP65
    Safe overload%FS200

    Electrical connection:

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