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    South Korean stoner rock? Yeah dude, that exists apparently!

    Wendigo, by Wooden Lucy

    Wendigo by Wooden Lucy, released 08 October 2017 1. MOLASSES 2. Jackie Babylon 3. itmoia 4. Wendigo 5. Wooden Lucy 6. Postcards from Shangri-La 7. Can’t Hardly Stand It 8. itmoia (Live Acoustic) 9. Wendigo (Live Acoustic) 10. Jackie Babylon (radio edit) Fuzzy waves and wooly beats will remind you of the authority of analog rock music.

    • I would have been surprised a with north Korean band more! I should make a list with the bands from the most uncommon places 😉 Philippines has some great bands!

    • Juicy tone, lovin the pace. I’d never guess it was asian, r’n’r demolishing stereotypes !

      • yeah man! I mean I knew Koreans were into metal, but I had no idea how far east the stoner scene went! We’re fuckin global man!