• astrobrain posted an update 1 year, 2 months ago

    Heyo. I was listening a few days ago and heard a song I’d heard a few days before that. If I’d had any sense, I would have taken note of what the song was, because it was particularly fantastic, to my ears. I’m not gonna ask anyone what a song was from a few days ago. That’s just stupid. Nope, I’m gonna ask something even stupider. If there’s a database of the songs currently in rotation, I’d dig through it myself to find that song. Or I could just listen until it plays again. Either scenario’s acceptable. But having a list of songs in rotation would make things much quicker, I’d think.


    • hmm unfortunately that could be tough, the songs are always in a different order and don’t repeat until 6 days later (at least). I do have a track history that goes as far back as Feb 10th, but for some reason they don’t make the full history public for listeners

      If you can remember anything about it, even just a word or phrase, that’ll help me narrow it down for ya.

      • All I remember about it is it was low key, mellow, instrumental and had green cover art. That’s absolutely nothing to go on. Like I said, I really should have made a note… Ah well. I’m sure I’ll hear it again soon. Thanks for the reply!