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    Kind of surprised not to have heard more about these guys around here. Even Pitchfork likes them, and I can count on the fingers of one foot how many other times their recommendations have fit my tastes.

    Pallbearer – Devoid of Redemption

    Taken from the “Sorrow and Extinction” CD (2012)

    • so many tunes, so little time. Fuckin heavy riffage tho for sure, I’ll be sure to add some into the rotation soon \m/

      • Ajax replied 1 month ago

        How does the station handle music rights/royalties/etc? Can you just play whatever you like or do you have to get permission?

        • alot of it is played with permission (most of which have been supplied by the bands themselves), but some are streamed without. We’d be fine with removing tunes from rotation if a rights holder has a stick up their bum… but for the most part bands/labels seem to be down for the free promotion, especially since we link back to their bandcamp pages from the radio player

    • I have two of their albums, great slow heavy riffs, but I have to be in the mood for Pallbearer.