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    New episode of Hour of the Riff!

    Hour Of The Riff – Episode 32

    This episode was brought to you by the colour white (WhiteNails and White Witch Canyon), monkeys (Monkey3 and Jukebox Monkey) and a whole lot of riffs (War Cloud, Mephistofeles and more).

    • I would like to ask all you podcasters, please announce the band and song you are playing, otherwise how is the listener supposed to know what song you are playing? Preferably with links to bandcamp or other sources where a listener can purchase the bands/songs being played. Is this too much to ask? We have no idea what song/band you are playing, if you really want to help promote the band / song / genre then it seems like you should be providing all the links we need..
      If you really want to compete with the current generation of Youtube album streamers., then provide us everything we need about the band / song / timestamps.

      • They’re usually pretty good about that sort of thing… mixcloud does provide current and previous track info. But maybe we can incorporate this into the podcast page so tracklists and timestamps are easily available for everyone

      • If you hit play on the above player, the tracklist drops down for you to see.