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    Rumour has it that Canada has plans to legalize cannabis at a federal level by July 1st of 2018. And being a Canadian citizen, this makes me a very happy man (needless to say).

    So it seems to be finally happening, and hopefully at a global scale in the near future.

    What is the current legal status in your home country? Is medical marijuana available? Basically this thread is all about legalization.



    Sup Dan,

    I am located in Union City, CA, in the middle of Silicon Valley, northern California. I have a Medical Cannabis Recommendation. I just ate some Kushy Punch Sativa edible and chilling out listening to FuzzFM.

    I fully support legalization of Cannabis. Technically it is legal here in CA now since last Nov, but official recreational sales won’t happen until after Jan 1, 2018. I still plan to keep my medial recommendation though, since I think the quality of the recreational cannabis will be a lot lower and I think will add another 20-30% tax on top of existing medical grade. Medical Cannabis already has 15% tax on it. The medical benefits cannot be denied, it works. I hope this will also get more Hemp production in the USA as well, hemp is so useful.

    I was just chatting with you in FuzzFM groups, I am glad I found this place, I really enjoy listening to your stoner rock radio. We have exactly the same tastes for almost every single song I have heard so far. I haven’t really been able to listen live to any of the scheduled shows because of the USA time difference.



    Lol you know what’s funny? I’ve been on a break from THC for the past month… so I don’t really have anything to add on to topic of cannabis anymore.

    But I’m glad you’re diggin the tunes on our station man! As for the podcasts, we’ve been considering streaming them twice a day for a while now… I think it might be time to finally go ahead and fulfil that request.

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