Bandcamp Battle Royale

by | Jun 18, 2017 | 1 comment

Stoner Rock Bandcamp Battle Royale

Cast your vote: 0:00 - The Great Machine - Swamp 6:01 - NOSIS - Womb 10:00 - Raging Bull - Until the End 13:49 - The Do Nothing Machine - Reaching the Antipode 19:03 - Apodemus - Through the Jungle 27:02 - Böse -

Most if not all of this music was generously donated to Fuzz FM from the bands and/or labels themselves. And that’s pretty fuckin’ rad of them. Now lets have them duke it out in an all out blood bath of riff-based combat!!!

I tried to include a variety of different moods so that it still works as a playlist, therefore this competition has no real merit or purpose (and the only prize we’ll be handing out is bragging rights.) But nevertheless, there can be only 1 champion. Who will it be? You decide.

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  1. DesertDan

    Note: you can vote for up to 3 songs – choose wisely!

    You can also navigate through the tracks using the timestamps in the video description