Album of The Year 2016 — Results!

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We decided to let voting for the poll continue for an extra week or 2 just to give a few more people a chance to vote. But the results are in, and they certainly come as no surprise from where I’m standing. 131 votes were cast, and 8 of those votes were user submissions. Slightly underwhelming, and not really a sizable enough database to really determine anything definitively, but then again it’s not like we’re handing out cash prizes or anything. It’s all for fun, and to be mentioned on this list is a high fuckin’ honour to begin with 😉

The top 3 album of 2016, as decided by our users, are as follows:

*drum roll* — *pause for dramatic effect*

Captives of the Void

by Captives of the Void

Won 1st place with 21.3% of the vote
Released June 26, 2016

Repeated exposure to​.​.​.

by 1000mods

Won 2nd place with 14.9% of the vote
Released September 26, 2016

Lightning At The Door

by All Them Witches

Won 3rd place with 12.8% of the vote
Released January 15, 2016

Album of the year poll results 1
Album of the year poll results 2


  1. DesertDan

    Accidentally cut-off the “other” option – but like I said, it accounted for 8/131 votes