Double Split EPs – The Re-Stoned/Wo Fat & Earthless/Harsh Toke

by | Nov 10, 2016 | Articles | 1 comment

Today was a good day for Split EPs – so I officially declare November 10th as “Fuzz’s Official Double EP Day” (only time will tell whether or not I actually remember to do this again next year).

First on the docket is a fantastic fuzzy duo whose chemistry is only rivaled by the likes of peas and carrots or bread and butter. The Re-Stoned kicks things off with some female vocal harmonies on “Apocalypse of a Phantom” that sit comfortably on top of a bed of gloomy doom riffs, while Wo Fat’s classic wah fuzz tones and vocal growl kick things into overdrive with their down-tempo “They Say I’m Different”. Official release set for December 7, 2017 – which I assume means a full length is on the way and this is acting as a sneak preview of said album.

To the right of your screen you’ll find the sultry and optimistic psychedelic sounds of Earthless latest works of art, “Acid Crusher”. Very reminiscent of late-60’s/early-70’s rock music, complete with an extremely groovy bongo/shaker beat and Floyd-esque organs for texture. The final moment of hallucinogenic ecstasy comes to you courtesy of Harsh Toke, and what they accomplished with “Mount Swan” is something out of this world. The vocal mic is running through a rotary speaker with a very spacey “losing-one’s-mind” Ozzy/Sabbath tonality.

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  1. DesertDan

    All in all today was a success, I got my dishes done and I got to listen to some really great music while doing so. Enjoy your long weekend everybody!