Långfinger – Crossyears

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Långfinger - Crossyears (Full New Album 2016)

Crossyears 2016 https://smallstone.bandcamp.com/album/crossyears https://www.facebook.com/Langfingerofficial/?fref=nf http://langfinger.net/ A kick-ass power trio is quite probably the perfect rock formation. If there aren't that many trios around, that's because it's a hard thing to pull off: with just three people having to nail the rhythmic fusion of bass and drums, the wild colours of guitar and the soul-grabbing focus of the human voice, there can be no passengers aboard.

Långfinger is a stoner rock 3-piece from Gothenburg, Sweden. They’ve been playing together since high school, meaning the chemistry between them is as tight as Walter White. Their third full length release goes by the name “Crossyears” and was unleashed to the public on September 30, 2016 via Small Stone Records.

The riffs hit heavy with copious amounts of fuzz, wah, and distortion and the rhythm section keeps things moving with some very tight and dynamic lines. And the best part? She’s available on vinyl!

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