Stone House on Fire - Electric Sheep (Videoclipe)

Videoclipe da faixa Electric Sheep, primeiro single do disco Neverending Cycle. _

Stone House on Fire – Neverending Cycle

by | Aug 3, 2016 | Articles | 0 comments

The sounds emanating from my speakers have been blowing my fuckin’ mind (the joint I just smoked made it even better).

This is some seriously groovy desert rock that doesn’t fuck around. The vocals have that slight Brazil accent to them, which works perfectly with this genre and vocal style. Brilliantly crafted lead guitar with that tried and true late-60’s flavour, and a rhythm section pump out some seriously tasty grooves. I highly recommend track #5 (entitled “Pasaje”) – a minute and a half of sexy latin rhythms that act as a perfect intermission in the middle of the album.

If you’re into psychedelic music at any capacity whatsoever – check these guys out. You will not be disappointed.


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